10 Apps Every Law School Student Should Download

October 08 2019 By Pieper Bar Review
Apps for Students

No one gets through law school alone. Whether you’re in 1L, 2L, or heading down the stretch and ramping up your bar exam study, these 10 apps will help you prepare, ease stress, and cross the finish line.

For Reference

Black’s Law Dictionary

The price is up there, especially for law students on strict budgets, but hear us out. This app costs less than many physical editions of the actual book. It’s also much easier to access when you need to search for legal terms quickly. The most widely cited law book in the world, Black's is far more comprehensive than similar free options (see below), with more than 50,000 terms.

Cost: $54.99

Download: iOS

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary

We get it. You may not be willing to shell out $55 for an app, no matter how helpful it may be. If that’s the case, then Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary app is a free alternative. While it doesn’t have the girth of Black’s, this app does feature nearly 4,000 legal terms explained, as the name suggests, in clear, simple language. There’s an easy-to-use search function, and the database grows alongside the legal lexicon.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS

For Fun Learning

Law Dojo

Is it hokey? A little. But there’s no doubt navigating law review questions with three ninjas—think of them as the equivalent of “lives” in traditional video games—is a fun change-up to “normal” studying. The free version gives you the basics. You can purchase additional topics, including criminal law, torts, contracts, real property law, evidence, and LSAT Vocabulary, with more to be added. The app also times your path through each level, so you can nail down subject areas or find out where you need to improve.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

Download: Android

For Relaxation


Law school is stressful, and that only intensifies as you get closer to the end and the almighty bar exam. Luckily, there are some great apps meant to ease your anxiety and help you sleep. Calm introduces basic concepts of meditation so anyone can benefit from the practice. Its most famous feature, though, is its Sleep Stories. Did you ever want Matthew McConaughey to read you a bedtime story? Consider that dream fulfilled.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

Download: iOS | Android

Stop, Breathe & Think

Its title doubles as great advice, and this app helps you put those words of wisdom into practice. Like Calm, Stop, Breathe & Think introduces novices to meditation, but goes even further. Users can enter how they’re feeling at a particular time and the app responds with appropriate techniques. Want to try it out before you download? Check out the Stop, Breathe & Think YouTube page that includes short meditation videos.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

Download: iOS | Android

For Health

Daily Yoga

Turn your room into a personal yoga studio with Daily Yoga, which features sessions for beginners and advanced yogis alike. The free version is quite useful for those new to the exercise, but as you grow more comfortable, you’ll love the premium offerings. Yoga is a perfect remedy for the law school blues, and it’s a habit that will benefit you as you progress through your career.

Cost: Free (In-app purchases)

Download: iOS | Android


It’s difficult to maintain good habits with such a demanding law school schedule. On the flip side, said demanding schedule may lead to you developing bad habits. Streaks helps with both! Its highly customizable interface enables you to track how often you complete specific tasks. You build “streaks” by completing them on consecutive days. And don’t think any habit is too small: Habits could include flossing your teeth, hammering out 10 push-ups a day, or something broader like drinking less coffee.

Cost: $4.99

Download: iOS | Android

For Knowledge


If you want to stay on top of the happenings of the U.S. Supreme Court (and you’re a law student, so you do), this is the app for you. SCOTUSblog is much more than a news feed, though. The app provides top headlines as well as a database of case filings, video resources, and statistics. You can also participate in polls that ask pressing questions pertaining to the Supreme Court. Oh, and it’s all free, so what are you waiting for?

Cost: Free

Download: iOS

For You


Hey, everyone needs a cheat day. And for students who have a craving for the Golden Arches, especially after a long night of studying (or before), the McDonald’s app may prove invaluable. Get exclusive coupons and deals, like this one, that go way beyond Big Macs: Buy five McCafé drinks, and get one free. Treat yourself.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS | Android


Some 50 million students use Quizlet each month, and there’s a decent chance you’re among them. But if you’re not, join the club. Quizlet allows you to design your own study system with flashcards. You can even explore existing decks built by other users, or play games that expand on simple memorization. You’ll find yourself going back to Quizlet for bar exam prep as well. You might as well familiarize yourself now!

Cost: Free (In-app upgrades)

Download: iOS | Android

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