9 Reasons you Need a Bar Exam Study Schedule

9 Reasons you Need a Bar Exam Study Schedule

In order to pass the bar exam, you need to make the most of your study time. Ask anyone who's passed the bar, and they'll tell you that the best way to prepare for the bar is to create a bar exam study schedule and stick to it. Here's how to follow their recommendations. 

  1. With so much to learn, properly managing your time is vital. Creating a bar exam study schedule lets you lay out a weekly, daily and hourly schedule for completing all of the assigned work in your bar review course.

  2. By creating a schedule, you will be able to account for any days when you won't be able to study. While in the weeks immediately prior to the test you won't want to do anything but study, sometimes there are obligations that you have to do. Say you’ve been asked to be the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding. If you plan out your schedule, you can get ahead and make up for that lost studying time (and then you might be able to enjoy yourself at the event).

  3. As you can imagine, preparing for the bar exam is stressful. Having a well-organized study schedule can help manage your stress because you will already know what topic you have to study that day.

  4. With a schedule, you can see the finish line that awaits you. You'll make each day you study feel more productive as you know you're getting closer to your goal. Having a detailed schedule lets you keep track of your progress. If you get destroyed by a set of MBE questions two weeks before the exam, it can be really discouraging. Being able to look back at your schedule to see everything you’ve done leading up to the exam can provide reassurance that you’re doing everything you can, that you’re making progress, and that you can get back in the saddle and keep studying.

  5. Following a schedule instills a sense of accountability. As the schedule becomes part of your daily life, you'll feel responsible for finishing the work you have scheduled for each day.

  6. Facing a schedule can help you avoid procrastinating. You know exactly what to study and when to do it so you can't make excuses.

  7. By planning your bar exam schedule, you can find enough time to practice multiple choice, MPT, and essay questions until you master them.

  8. Working all of your bar review course assignments into your study schedule helps ensure that you’re covering every subject on the exam and that you’ll finish covering everything you need..

  9. The last thing you should do is cram. With a schedule, you won't spend the last few days before the bar exam stressed out trying to fit all the studying you should've been doing in the past 10 weeks into one marathon week (which is a surefire sign you’ll be taking the exam again six months later.).

Want to create your own bar exam study schedule? Here's what you should keep in mind.


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