9 Reasons to Sign up for Pieper's Bar Exam Question of the Day

January 20 2017 Bar Review News By Pieper Bar Review
9 Reasons to Sign up for Pieper's Bar Exam Question of the Day

Bar exam candidates from every state, except Louisiana, will have to face the Multi-State Bar Exam (MBE) come exam day.  This is the multiple-choice section of the bar exam, which includes 200 questions. Only 175 of them will be counted, but you don't know which ones won't affect your final score. So with fewer question on the exam, each one counts a lot more, and you still have to correctly answer them all.

Because the MBE has such an impact on your final score, it is imperative that you get familiar with answering these types of questions if you want to pass the bar exam.

By accessing as many bar exam sources as you can and practicing multiple-choice questions every day, you’ll be able to master the art of answering them. Fortunately, Pieper Bar Review offers the Bar Exam Question of the Day to help you stay on top of your multiple-choice practice.

What is the Bar Exam Question of the Day?

Our Bar Exam Question of the Day provides you with real bar exam questions  daily. Every morning, a different question is delivered to your inbox. You can answer it then or save it for later.

Why you should sign up for Pieper’s Bar Exam Question of the Day:

1. Access to more resources.

When you're studying for the bar exam, you should have as many study resources as you can get. The more the merrier.

2. It’s easy.

Just sign up. Have the question delivered to your email inbox. Access it on your cell phone, laptop or tablet. Answer it, or save it for later. It’s easy and beneficial to your bar exam study habits.

3. It’s free.

In a world where every bar exam review course, book, app and outline costs money, show your wallet some love and sign up for these free bar exam questions.

4. Practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to the bar exam. The more multiple-choice questions you do, the better you will become at answering them.

5. It helps you review.

The Question of the Day will allow you to review recurring themes that show up on the bar exam and revisit material you covered in your bar review.

6. Put your process-of-elimination skills to the test.

Learning the proper process-of-elimination skills for the MBE is important, so put your skills to the test by doing multiple-choice questions and you'll improve them.

7. Learn the language.

Practicing multiple-choice questions lets you familiarize yourself with the formatting and wording of questions on the bar exam. You will begin to see patterns among correct and incorrect answers and improve your process-of-elimination skills.

8. Many who fail the bar exam miss a passing score by just a small margin.

Answering a few extra MBE questions correctly can make the difference between passing and failing the bar exam.

9. It’s a helpful reminder.

The Bar Exam Question of the Day serves as a daily reminder to study. It lets you stay in your bar exam mind set, remain focused on the task at hand, and practice each day.


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