Healthy Foods to Snack on When Studying for the Bar

December 08 2016 Bar Review News By Pieper Bar Review
Healthy Foods to Snack on When Studying for the Bar

While preparing for the bar exam, you’ll probably spend hours at a time studying. It’s tedious, exhausting, and requires a lot of brain power. We’re sure coffee has become your main source of energy at this point, but you also need snacks to keep you going. But skip the cookies and chips because they'll cause you to crash. Try some healthier options instead.

Here are some healthy snacks for you to munch on at home or at your favorite study spot. They're quick and easy to prepare--and they taste good, too!

1. Trail Mix

Throw your favorite nuts and dried fruit into a Ziploc bag for a portable energy-packed study snack. Add some chocolate for an extra treat. (Chocolate-covered coffee beans, anyone?) Nuts are a great source of protein and nutritious unsaturated fats. Include walnuts for extra brain power. Here’s a yummy trail mix recipe to try out.

2. Homemade Granola Bars

Granola Bars

If you’re not into trail mix, this is a great alternative study snack. You will be better off making your own granola bars, because many of the ones that come in stores are loaded with sugar. We promise that these are easy to make! You can find a simple recipe here.

3. Avocado Toast

Simply spread some mashed avocado on whole-wheat toast. Mashing avocado is a wonderful way to get out your study frustration! It’s great for a mid-day pick-me-up, as it’s packed with healthy fats. If you want to make extra-fancy avocado toast, you can find recipes here.

4. No-Bake Energy Bites

Easy to make, affordable, packed with energy-boosting ingredients, and delicious. What's not to like? No-bake energy bites could become a staple for your all-day studying. Try this recipe with just seven ingredients!

5. Hummus & Veggies

Replace those chips with vitamin-rich and mineral-packed veggies. Pack any of your favorite veggies in a mason jar with hummus on the bottom. You can even go the extra mile and make your own hummus if you're that ambitious.  

6. Apple & Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter and Apples

Slice some apples and spread peanut butter on top. Then sprinkle on some granola. They're easy and delicious!   

7. Oven-Roasted Chickpeas

Buy them in the store or make them yourself. These little snacks are high in protein and fiber, making them super healthy for you. They pack the perfect crunch, and they can be savory or sweet. 

 8. Ants on a Log

If you're feeling like you've gone back to grade school, then this snack is just right for you. Celery is low in calories, nut butters are packed with protein, and raisins are tiny but full of good stuff—a scrumptious combination. If you need a refresher course on how to make these elementary treats, click here.

9. Popcorn


Skip the butter, and make your own air-popped popcorn. You can top your kernels with so many different flavors. If you don’t have a fancy popcorn machine, no worries. Here’s a recipe to make popcorn in your microwave.

10. Peanut Butter, Banana Rice Cakes

If you’re someone who suffers from constant hand cramps while studying, this is the perfect snack for you. Bananas are loaded with potassium and great for alleviating cramps. Pick your favorite rice cake, top it with peanut butter, and add sliced bananas.

11. Greek Yogurt & Fruit

Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in sugar, which will keep you feeling fuller longer. Add some fruit for extra sweetness. 

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