How a UBE Tutor Can Help You Pass the Exam

How a UBE Tutor Can Help You Pass the Exam

Whether you're retaking the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) or taking it for the first time, preparing isn't easy. Even with the help of a bar review course, you may find you're having trouble remembering the topics that will be on the exam, or difficulty improving your multiple-choice and essay-writing skills.

Don't let this discourage you. There are things you can do to help you pass the exam. In addition to spending more time studying, asking your instructor more questions during a bar review course, and practicing with multiple-choice questions and sample essays, hiring a bar exam tutor is another option. 

Here are several reasons why this could be beneficial:

Tutors Focus On You.

For some bar exam candidates, a classroom setting isn't conducive to learning. Different from your typical bar review classroom, the one-on-one learning environment of a private tutor allows your preparation to be tailored to your needs. Rather than sticking to a classroom schedule, your sessions can focus on your the areas you're struggling in most, whether a specific topic, or an entire section of the exam. You may find you're able to learn better with this personalized attention, instead of within a classroom full of other students.

Tutors Help You Learn (And Apply) The Information That Will Be Tested.

You may be a multiple-choice or essay-writing expert, but if you don't understand the information being tested, you won't pass the exam. Students don't typically fail the UBE because they don't know the law; they fail because they don't know how to apply the law. A tutor can spend more time on individual topics that you may not understand, and teach you how to apply the law to the test questions.

Tutors Identify Your Weaknesses.

For some students, figuring out what you're doing wrong is the most difficult step. Maybe you're not sure why you aren't getting multiple-choice questions right, or maybe you can't understand why your study habits aren't effective. A private tutor can help pinpoint your weaknesses and turn them into strengths, so you can pass the exam.

Tutors Help You Answer MBE Questions More Efficiently.

Half of succeeding on the MBE is knowing the information being tested, and the other half is knowing how to answer these tricky NCBE (National Conference of Bar Examiners) questions. A tutor can teach you important process-of-elimination tips and other skills to help. They can also point out why you're getting answers wrong, and provide you with plenty of practice questions to test your skills.

Tutors Help Improve Your Essay Skills.

Writing a great essay is essential to passing the bar exam. A tutor can help improve your writing skills by grading your essays, providing you with valuable feedback on your writing, and sharing tips and tricks to improve your essays.

How Pieper Can Help:

Not only do we have an incredible review course, we also offer advanced tutoring, with personal attention and individualized training from bar review experts. With remote sessions, we can help you pass the UBE, no matter where you are. Regardless of your struggles, our tutors will prepare you for exam day, and teach you the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

We offer two different programs designed to help you improve your bar exam skills:

  • Pieper’s Advanced Tutoring Program: You work with a highly skilled attorney one-on-one to ensure your essay and MPT (Multistate Performance Test) writing earns you top scores in any area of the exam, while tackling those you struggle with on the MBE.
  • Pieper’s Supplemental Essay Program: This focuses on the MEE (Multistate Essay Examination), and is designed to sharpen your writing skills, with an additional five essays and an MPT. Each assignment will be graded and commented on by one of our attorneys before verbally walking you through it all over the phone in a half-hour discussion addressing your writing and how you can improve.

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