How Is Pieper Bar Review Different From Competitors?

More Lecture Hours

The “Pieper People Pass” motto is proven each year in part because Pieper students buy into their courses.

Pieper isn’t the best bar review course because of results alone. It’s the best bar review course because its methods help students truly understand the material and not just learn it: They can use their knowledge to pass the bar and become successful attorneys.

Here’s what you’ll get from Pieper that you won’t from its competitors:

More Lecture Hours

Above all else, Pieper courses are thorough. There are no shortcuts.

Pieper students are encouraged to use all resources at their disposal, including access to 150-plus hours of lectures, more than any other bar prep course, taught by expert attorneys.

John Pieper alone has been lecturing on the New York Bar Exam since 1972, and has passed the bar in more than 30 jurisdictions. As he continues to teach, he continues to learn.

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The educators are experts who know students work at different paces.

For example, you may approach a Pieper course with little to no knowledge of its material. This could be true if you missed some specific courses during law school, had professors who failed to cover certain subtopics like intentional torts, or you studied law outside the United States.  Pieper assumes all students are starting fresh as if they have never learned the concepts before. The educators start with the basics, then build to more complex topics. They overlap subjects as well, to achieve seamless coverage of all aspects of the exam.

“Without your lectures as well as all your wonderful materials, I do not think I would have been able to pass the bar exam.”
–P. Sharma, Pieper student, Hofstra Law School

Fundamentals Reinforced by Clear Examples

Other bar prep courses pass out guides prior to sessions and expect students to study them on their own time. Pieper’s method is more comprehensive.

Pieper prioritizes note-taking. The instructors, in the style of law school professors, will go over rules of law verbatim, and encourage students to transcribe them.

Then, the instructors will reinforce the rules with examples of recent cases, practice questions, and hypotheticals that cover each subject from different angles. You will have a thorough understanding of the laws discussed, and if you’re diligent in note-taking, build your own outline of several hundred pages that will serve as your primary study tool as you approach the bar.  Plus, Pieper's mnemonic devices will help you remember essential elements so that you are able to deliver them to the bar examiners on exam day.

Pieper also provides you with nearly 2,000 pages of outlines. These are intended to supplement your notes and frame your studying.

Unparalleled Writing Support

Writing is not everyone’s favorite exercise, but it’s crucial to passing the bar exam. Both the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) and Multistate Performance Test (MPT) require strong writing skills.

MEE - Six 30-minute essay questions

MPT - Two 90-minute sections

As a result, Pieper’s bar prep is writing intensive, based on the idea that students get more from completing essays under timed conditions than simply outlining them.

In Pieper’s Essay Writing Workshop and MPT Program, you will learn how to construct well-organized essays that will catch the eyes of bar examiners. You will also be tasked with completing 12 essays. While that sounds daunting, the experience is immeasurable. Each essay will be graded by Pieper’s trained staff of attorneys, who will provide extensive written feedback.

This practice will help you improve the organization of your essays and quality of your writing, as well as ease the anxiety of approaching an essay test. 

You’ll also master the skill of choosing which legal rules and exceptions to include in your responses.

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