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February 15 2019 By Pieper Bar Review
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When you’re training for the biggest test of your life, you want the best Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) course, and best instructors, on your team. Well if it’s the best you seek, look no further: Pieper people pass; it’s that simple. With expert tutors, 150+ hours of lectures, free sample questions available daily, and courses specifically tailored to all kinds of students, it’s not hard to understand why Pieper students are so successful.

Here are just several reasons why Pieper Bar Review is the best UBE course, along with some of the many ways Pieper can help you conquer the UBE:

The Pieper Method

There are five core tenets that shape what we call “The Pieper Method.”

1. Example-Driven Practice

The teaching approach employed by John, Troy and Damian Pieper is geared toward achieving a thorough understanding of the law, through practice. There are few things more frustrating than spending hours upon hours in a classroom, but never really learning anything. That’s why the educators at Pieper don’t merely talk at you, they teach you, using the same sort of examples you’ll encounter on the UBE.

As a law student, you’re probably all too aware of the Issue, Rule, Analysis and Conclusion (IRAC) method of legal analysis. This will inform how you’ll break down multiple-choice questions and fact patterns on the exam, so that’s how you’ll learn to apply the law in class with the Piepers.

Note: An “issue” is the legal problem that needs solving. If the facts of a case leave something to be desired in the way of certainty—if there is a legal ambiguity—legal teams will refer to court case precedent and statute, or “rules” to guide them to the correct application of the law.

During lecture times, your instructors will provide examples of issues alongside the rules of law that could be applied to a given issue. That way, students are simultaneously learning the law, seeing how concepts are tested, and practicing their issue-spotting in a way that will help garner the highest scores possible on the multiple-choice and written sections of the exam.

Here’s what one successful student had to say about her UBE preparedness after choosing Pieper:

“After missing the goal back in July I was so nervous leading up to the exam, but when I read the questions for both the MBE and for the MEE it was incredible how much more prepared I felt.” — Sarah Klein, J.D. Albany Law School

2. Educators Take the Test, Too

You’d probably exercise caution before accepting marriage advice from a divorced person, financial advice from a bankrupt person, or career advice from an unemployed person. So, why would you blindly trust educators who can’t make the grade themselves? You wouldn’t. And with Pieper, you’ll never be asked to.

John Pieper has conquered the MBE in more than 30 jurisdictions and has been training students, including his own sons, to beat the exam for more than four decades—longer than most of his students have been alive. The Piepers know the tendencies of the exam writers, and are generous when sharing their knowledge.

Check out what another Pieper grad had to say about her confidence in her instructors’ abilities:

“...receiving an encouraging phone call from a member of the Pieper family a few days before the exam was a huge confidence boost, as they have all been successful on the bar exam before, and that’s the type of person I wanted to hear encouraging words from before the exam.” — Megan Hartl, J.D. University at Buffalo Law School

3. More Lesson Time Than Any Other Program

One of the things you may realize about the UBE in the first few weeks of preparation is that—uh oh—law school didn’t prepare you very well for this particular exam. Therein lies the problem with many “top” bar review courses: They’re only committed to the promise inherent within their title—to review. For the UBE, however, if you haven’t learned the law in the first place, reviewing will simply not be adequate. That’s why Pieper dedicates more than 150 hours of its full bar review course lecture time to not just reviewing the law, but teaching it as though it’s the first time you’re encountering it.

4. Emphasis on Note-Taking

Pieper lectures are conducive to thorough note-taking. They move at a reasonable pace, and all main points are repeated, to ensure great note-taking opportunities are not lost on anyone. Whether or not they realize it, students take notes for three reasons: to record, organize and review information. This constant practice helps students maintain their focus throughout the duration of the lecture. It also helps them develop a comprehensive understanding of the law, by concentrating on what it says, writing it down, and thus, making it accessible for processing later, when long-term retention tends to occur.

5. Easy to Master Mnemonics

The term ‘mnemonic’ describes a learning device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that helps you commit something to memory. When you sign up for UBE review with Pieper, you’ll be exposed to dozens of memorable quips detailing the nuances of certain laws, such as this little ditty:

A _____ can't be sentenced to death for felony murder


C- didn't Commit, command, or request the homicide

U- was Unarmed with a deadly instrument or substance readily capable of causing death or serious injury

B- had no reason to Believe another co-conspirator was armed or intended to engage in conduct likely to result in death

Pieper people pass. Don’t take our word for it, though. Take those of yet another grad:

“You broke down complex rules into a manageable form and every mnemonic helped tremendously with remembering every major and minor rule of law.” — Steven Glass, J.D. New York Law School

 The Pieper Difference

With the Pieper family's more than 40 years of expertise, the most lecture hours of any bar review course, and more than 1,500 pages of outlines, Pieper’s Full Bar Review Course delivers all the substantive law you’ll need to pass the UBE, along with the strategies for mastering multiple-choice questions and maximizing your scores on the MEE and the MPT. Register Today to begin your journey toward bar exam success!

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