How Pieper Can Lead Foreign LLMs to Success on the UBE

How Pieper Can Lead Foreign LLMs to Success on the UBE

Foreign attorneys often have very impressive resumes. They've acquired experience and credentials from top international law firms and prestigious law schools both within the United States and in other countries. But the bar exam pass rate for foreign-educated attorneys is significantly lower than for American bar exam candidates.

Why This Difference?

Preparing for the bar exam is far more difficult for foreign-trained LLMs than it is for American students. Of course, one reason is that most foreign-trained lawyers haven't had enough exposure to the basic American legal concepts that are essential to success on the bar exam. Most of them just dive into bar review courses with no prior knowledge of subjects like American constitutional law, evidence, family law or civil practice. They assume that they will be able to learn this complex material without taking semester-long classes on these subjects as the majority of American students have.

We Build a Firm Foundation in American Legal Principles

At Pieper, we don’t just review. Instead, we teach you everything you need to know about these topics. We will teach you the foundation in American legal practices that you need to pass the bar exam. But it is difficult to learn—let alone master—so much new material in the span of 10 weeks (the typical length of a bar review course). So it is important for any foreign-trained attorney to recognize that the more time you have to review, absorb and handle the concepts included on the test, the easier it will be for you, come exam day.

Early Start

For most students, studying for the bar exam starts right after law school graduation and continues furiously for 10-11 weeks until the exam. But if you’re a foreign-trained attorney, you will need more time to prepare so you can digest the new material fully. We can help with the Pieper Early Start Home Study Program.

As a foreign-trained attorney, you probably have limited experience with the subjects on the exam. The Early Start Home Study Program enables you to begin studying today, so you don’t have to wait for our next class to begin. Instead, you gain immediate access to the lectures from our most recent classes via online streaming videos. You’ll get every word of every lecture, receive all the necessary materials, and have access to our extensive resources. Your essays will be graded and critiqued. Pieper’s team of attorneys will be available to answer your questions. This approach is essential to because you will need more time to learn (and master) the American legal principles before you take the bar exam.

Two weeks before your bar exam, you’ll receive our Home Study Update, which will bring you up to speed on any recent developments in the law. These changes aren't likely to be on the test, but we want you to know what is current just in case it’s applicable. You will also receive predictions of what is likely to be tested on the upcoming bar exam from Pieper Bar Review founder John Pieper. With the Early Start Home Study Program, you can study at your own pace. You can spend more time on topics you may be struggling with as a foreign LLM, so that you’ll be fully prepared to pass the bar exam. 

 Advanced Tutoring

As a foreign-trained LLM, you may have difficulty understanding the large amount of new material you have to learn. That’s okay! If you are concerned with learning new material, writing essays or mastering multiple-choice questions, you may want to consider additional tutoring. Advanced tutoring sessions can be very beneficial to foreign bar exam candidates, because they can break down the law into manageable concepts and help you form a basic understanding of the big picture and how these different principles work together.

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