How to Get Motivated to Study for the Bar Exam

September 12 2016 Bar Review News By Pieper Bar Review
How to Get Motivated to Study for the Bar Exam

Considering all the work that lies ahead of you, figuring out how to get motivated to actually sit down and start studying for the bar exam may pose just as tough a challenge in itself. We get it. Nothing sounds more unexciting than spending weeks without end taking notes, reading outlines, and memorizing definitions and mnemonics, not to mention answering question after question on those difficult practice exams. But it’s part of the process of becoming a lawyer, so don’t give up before you even begin.

Getting motivated for the bar exam is all about having a positive mindset. The challenge is to stay positive through the entire bar-prep experience. If you’re just procrastinating, you're only adding more tension and frustration, and delaying the inevitable. You have to start sometime, so why not now?

Asking for Help Is Encouraged

You won't be able to ask for help during the bar exam. But one way to get motivated as you prepare for it is to surround yourself with two kinds of people: those who are going through the same process and those who are going to help you along the way, such as supportive friends, family members and your bar review instructors.

Have Something to Look Forward To

Rewarding yourself after every minor accomplishment can help you get motivated to study. Decide on something simple to give yourself after you’ve completed every task on your to-do list. A reward could be eating a bowl of your favorite ice cream as you watch a movie or going for a much-needed walk outside to get your stress levels under control. Creating a sense of excitement and anticipation may be just what you need to brave through your most recent bar review assignment.

Constantly Keep Your Goal in Mind

Tell yourself that you’re definitely going to get through the bar review and the actual exam because it helps you maintain a positive outlook as you study. Keep your focus on your goal. Failing to block out negative thoughts will only make your burden feel 100 times heavier.

Whenever you feel like trading in your outlines for your cell phone, remind yourself that the only way to achieve your goal is to push through the difficult moments and continuously move forward.

Mentally tell yourself every day that you will pass the bar exam. If you only correctly answer 10/20 assigned evidence questions, remind yourself if you performed better on a group of con law questions earlier. You could even leave an uplifting message on your refrigerator. Yes, it may sound somewhat silly. But who knows? You might find the extra energy to finish reviewing a set of lecture notes, rather than turning on the TV if you see an upbeat note like that strategically placed on top of the remote.

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