How to Get the Most Out of Online Bar Review

How to Get the Most Out of Online Lectures

In today's day and age, just about everything can be done online, including your Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) review. This enables you to re-watch its lectures online, as many times as you need, at your leisure.

Tuning in to an online lecture is very different than attending one. Paying attention can be difficult, especially if it's hours-long. With plenty of distractions and a laptop, it's easy to break your concentration.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your online lecture:


Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Lecture

Dedicate A Study Space

Be sure to have a dedicated space to watch your online bar review. Choose somewhere that's free from distractions!

Enure You Have Reliable Internet Access

Nothing will get more in the way of learning than losing a WiFi connection or a dead laptop battery. Make sure your internet connection is reliable, and your laptop charger is on hand, so your courses don't get interrupted by technical difficulties.

Minimize Distractions

With no teacher present to see if you're paying attention, it's tempting to try and multitask while listening to your online lecture. Minimize distractions by turning off your cellphone, and staying off social media.

Take Notes

Attentively taking notes during the lecture is a great way to ensure you're staying focused, and these will become invaluable to you during study sessions.

Take Breaks

While you might be tempted to power through when lecturer tells you to take a ten-minute break, take the time to get up, walk around, or even get outside for a few minutes. Breaks will help you absorb everything you've learned, and also help prepare you for the next part of the lecture.

Avoid Too Much Rewinding

It’s ok to rewind if you missed something important, but don’t get into a regular habit of rewinding or the lectures could end up taking up too much of your valuable time.  Remember that the lectures are recorded live and that people in the lecture audience can’t rewind.  You’re probably better off taking 15 minutes at the end of the lecture to think through any gaps in your notes than spending an extra two hours a day rewinding.


The key to learning and remembering new information is repetition. If you are having trouble with a concept and think you’d benefit from hearing the examples discussed in class again, go back and re-watch that portion of the lecture.  You can even listen to it at a higher speed to save time. You may find that you catch something new that you missed when you watched it the first time.

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