3 Last-Minute MPRE Tips

October 24 2016 Bar Review News By Pieper Bar Review
3 Last-Minute MPRE Tips

The MPRE is almost here! This gets you one step closer to officially becoming a licensed attorney.

With all the blood, sweat, and tears that you’ve already invested in law school, you may feel like you cannot stomach another exam. But you have to pass the MPRE before you can be admitted to practice law. With the right help and mindset, you’ll be able to pass the it on the first try and move one step closer to your goal of becoming a licensed attorney.

Below are 3 last-minute MPRE tips to review before taking the test:

  1. Take it seriously

It’s no secret that people tend to focus more on the bar exam than the MPRE, and there are valid reasons for doing that. The bar exam is much longer, covering such an immense amount of legal material that it requires test-takers to begin the review process months in advance. The MPRE, on the other hand, only focuses on only one subject: ethics.. But make no mistake: this test should be taken just as seriously because those who fail the MPRE won’t be able to become a lawyer until they take it again and pass.

  1. Mentally prepare

Before you take an important test, don't let your nerves get the best of you. Be sure to mentally prepare for the exam with the right mindset. This preparation includes making your health a priority, getting enough sleep the nights leading up to the MPRE, and eating a good breakfast the day of the test without having to rush off. Pace yourself and the stress won't be so bad.

  1. Know what (and what not) to bring on exam day

Passport photo attached to my admission ticket?  Check?  ID? Check. Pencils? Check. Facility directions? Check.

You get the picture.

Pack what you need to bring the night before the exam so you don't wind up running around your place looking for your license and worrying about being late for the test. But make sure you don't bring any forbidden items either, such as watches, cameras, cell phones, pens and headphones. Also remember to not wear a hooded shirt or sweatshirt. 

To learn more about what's acceptable to bring with you to the MPRE, click here.

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