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May 22 2019 By Pieper Bar Review
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The Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) is the multiple-choice component of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). It’s extremely difficult to earn a high score on this exam, but far from impossible, if you choose the right bar review course. Most companies offer cookie-cutter programs, neglecting to address the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. Not Pieper Bar Review. Pieper boasts an experienced team of instructors, the most effective resources, and varied course designs prioritizing the unique needs of individual students.

The Test

Here’s everything you need to know about the exam itself:

  • Administered on the last Wednesday in February and last Wednesday in July of each year—July 31, 2019
  • You’ll have six hours to answer 200 multiple-choice questions (or just under two minutes per question).
  • Only 175 of the 200 questions will count toward your score. The remainder are unscored pretest questions, yet indistinguishable from scored questions.
  • Questions cover Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts & Sales, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Real Property and Torts.

3 Tips for MBE Prep

People learn and retain information using all sorts of tactics, and everyone who has sat for the UBE and passed has a different formula for some secret sauce they’ll swear by. To avoid the pitfall of choice paralysis, we recommend muffling all outside noise to focus on these three simple, all-important MBE prep tips:

1. First, study the law and refine your approach to each question.

If you don’t have a thorough understanding of substantive law, your efforts likely won’t amount to much success on the MBE. Some useful advice in preparing for this all-important exam includes paying particular attention to the so-called "call of the question"—the inquiry or statement typically following the mini fact pattern—as well as employing the process of elimination to eliminate irrelevant choices.

2. Next, do practice questions—lots of them—and track your progress.

Practice testing is one of the most effective learning techniques. You can find practice MBE questions here, or you can subscribe to Pieper Bar Review’s MBE Question of the Day to have practice questions delivered right to your inbox each weekday, free of charge. When you opt for the latter, you’ll see that each question is labeled with one of the topics previously listed in this post. Make a chart, and track your success rates for each topic to determine potential weak spots that can be improved upon. You’ll also see explanations for why each incorrect answer was not the best choice.

3. Finally, sit yourself down for timed practice exams.

Nerves sometimes get the best of even the most prepared test-taker. One way to temper test-related anxiety is to replicate test conditions in the comfort of your own home, several times, before sitting for the actual exam. Doing so not only helps to relieve nervousness, but also correct any time-related issues ahead of test day.

How Pieper Can Help

Pieper’s Full Bar Review course includes more lecture hours than any other bar review (150+ hours), because the Piepers—John and his sons, Damian and Troy—understand that first and foremost, a comprehension of substantive law is essential to bar exam success. Therefore, the course is designed to actually teach the law, rather than simply reviewing it. Registration for the Full Bar Review course also grants you access to more than 1,500 practice MBE questions, in addition to the Question of the Day.

 The Pieper Difference

With the Pieper family's more than 40 years of expertise, the most lecture hours of any bar review course, and more than 1,500 pages of outlines, Pieper’s Full Bar Review Course delivers all the substantive law you’ll need to pass the UBE, along with the strategies for mastering multiple-choice questions and maximizing your scores on the MBE, Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) and Multistate Performance Test (MPT). Register Today to begin your journey toward bar exam success!

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