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UBE Uniform Bar Exam

Preparing for the bar exam is a demanding exercise that seems to take priority over whatever else you may have to do. When you’re attending law school, studying for the bar, working to pay down your student debt, keep a roof over your head, and keep everyone off your back, the preparation can feel grueling sometimes. The sense that you’re crunched for time never seems to go away.

The bottom line is that although studying for the bar exam should be paramount, sometimes other obligations get in the way. Plus, with so much material to go over, actually getting started can be intimidating and staying focused can be difficult. Pieper wants to help. 

Pieper wants to help. 

Starting Tuesday, March 1, 2016, Pieper Bar Review will begin sending the Uniform Bar Exam Question of the Day. This will deliver one real UBE multiple choice question to your inbox every morning. Get your mind going with a challenge every morning. Address it and move on, or save it until you have a moment.  Because subscribers receive the Question of the Day by email, they can access it on their computer, tablet and smartphone, and on their own terms. This gentle reminder is designed to keep you focused on the task at hand on a daily basis, and get you more acquainted with common topics and principles from the bar exam. 

Pieper Bar Review wants to help make studying for the bar exam easier not just by continuing to offer the best bar review courses, but with this new Question of the Day.

Access to real bar exam questions will help you:

  • Review recurrent themes that show up on the Uniform Bar Exam
  • Familiarize yourself with question formatting and wording
  • Stay focused on your studies
  • Practice process-of-elimination skills
  • Revisit the material covered in your bar review course

Pieper is dedicated to providing constant guidance and support to our students whether they’re in our classrooms or out on their own. By offering the Question of the Day we’ve just made it easier to help them do well when they’re ready to take the Uniform Bar Exam

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UBE Multiple Choice Questions

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