Register Now: Bar Review for the February Bar Exam 2017

December 14 2016 Courses By Pieper Bar Review
Register Now: Bar Review for the February Bar Exam 2017

The Pieper Bar Review winter course is upon us. Classes to prepare law students to pass the Uniform Bar Exam this February start December 16.

The Piepers have been teaching students to master the Bar Exam for more than 40 years. The full bar review course delivers all of the substantive law students need to pass the exam along with the strategies for mastering multiple-choice questions and maximizing scores on exam essays and the MPT.  Through class lectures (both in person or online), essays and MPTs graded by a team of attorneys who provide valuable and insightful feedback, multiple choice exams, and MPT and essay workshops, students will feel prepared to not only pass the Bar Exam, but then go on to start their careers with a deeper understanding of the law.

Those re-taking the exam need to give themselves every possible advantage.  They need to learn the law as well as they knew it in the past and continually practice exam questions so that they can perform at their best under time constraints.  The best way to cover and practice everything (i.e. not just their weaknesses but also their strengths) is through a bar course, and no one does it better than Pieper.  Taking a course is an investment that can enable a student to start working as an attorney this year while others who try to prepare on their own will be taking the exam again this summer.

For students whose work schedules won't allow them to take a full bar course, the Concentrated Review Course is the best option. This course, essentially serves as an additional line of defense or a safety net for students who would otherwise be studying on their own.  The expectation is that students will be studying the material that they learned this summer, and then have access to seven review lectures (approximately 7 hours each) where they move at a relatively fast pace reviewing essential concepts and how they are tested.  Ideally, students will hear the review of each concept and feel confident that their understanding is complete and correct, but what frequently happens for students is that they realize that they've actually misunderstood a concept previously, and they correct their problems going forward.  The program also involves 4 hours of one-on-one tutoring via Skype as well as an opportunity to submit essays and MPTs.

“Their methodology of teaching students the bar material works!” says Melodie Eastmond, J.D. Fordham University School of Law. “Though it is a lot of material to learn over a short amount of time, the Piepers are thorough, clear, and concise. By watching all of the lectures on iPass and consistently completing all the assigned work, I found myself gaining a deeper understanding of the law. This helped me actually digest, retain, and feel confident with all of the material, so that I actually felt ready and eager to take the bar exam a few days before the day of the exam! I was able to walk into the exam with the confidence of knowing that I was prepared and walk out knowing that I passed.”

In this course you will have access to:

  • Class Lectures
  • Essays and MPTs graded by our team of attorneys
  • Essay writing workshop
  • Multiple-choice testing
  • The Pieper Integrated Multistate workshop
  • The Pieper Multistate Performance Test (MPT) workshop

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