Reminder: Pieper’s Uniform Bar Exam Review Course Starts May 16

Reminder: Pieper’s Uniform Bar Exam Review Course Starts May 16

As we look at the February bar exam in the rearview mirror, we can see the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) right around the corner, so we’re getting ready to go full-speed ahead and help a new group of students prepare for it.

Some people may think they have plenty of time to get ready to take the UBE while others may already be stressing out about the whole ordeal. But here’s one thing you can do now. You should sign up for a review course so you can have your best shot at passing.

Just Two Weeks Away

Pieper’s full bar review course begins in a matter of two weeks—May 16, 2016 to be exact.

We know that this is probably a very stressful time for you right now. After all the work you put in, you’re finally graduating from law school, but now you have to prepare for the UBE. Even if you’re gearing up to take the bar for a second time, you might be wary about the changes to the exam. You might be unsure about what information you should focus on now that the New York bar exam (as well as the Vermont bar exam and the District of Columbia bar exam) will no longer be administered and the UBE is taking its place starting this summer. Your concerns are valid.

Fortunately, you won’t have to figure this out on your own because we already know what you need to study so you can pass the UBE. Our review course doesn’t just review bar material, but teaches as if you’ve never learned it before. We provide in-depth descriptions and examples so you can not only understand the information, but apply what you know to actual situations and cases.

Our focus on certain test-taking strategies will help you to absorb and retain all the legal knowledge you’ll need to know for your career. We believe that a bar review course like ours will make it much easier for you to pass the UBE.

Skills and study methods included in the class are:

  • Essay Writing Techniques
  • Practice Exams
  • Process-of-Elimination Skills
  • Multistate Performance Test Workshops
  • Note-Taking Emphasis
  • Mnemonic Devices

In the Meantime

Since you still have a little bit of time before our review course commences, you can begin studying for the UBE now by answering real bar exam questions with our Uniform Bar Exam Question of the Day. Each morning you’ll be sent a multi-choice question with an explanation about why you got it right or wrong. This way, you can start your day off doing some bar review and refresh your memory so you’ll be in a legal mindset by the time the class starts.

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