The MPRE: What You Need To Know

February 25 2016 Bar Review News By Pieper Bar Review
What You Need To Know About The MPRE

Almost every state requires applicants for admission to the bar in their state to complete the MPRE (if you’re seeking admission in Wisconsin and Puerto Rico you don’t have to, nor do New Jersey or Connecticut applicants if they can show they successfully completed a course on professional responsibility in law school).

States allow you to complete the MPRE before or after you take the UBE, but you’ll want to make sure you identify how long your MPRE score is good for based on the rules of the jurisdiction where you are applying. See p. 22 of the NCBEX Bar Admission Guide. As you prepare for this exam, it’s best to know what exactly you’ll be tested on and the resources available to help you pass with flying colors.

What is the MPRE?

The MPRE stands for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) created the exam in order to test future lawyers about what is considered acceptable and appropriate behavior for an attorney. It is administered three times per year and is made up of 60 multiple choice questions.

In 2019, it will be administered on March 23, August 10, and November 9.

What’s a passing MPRE score?

Every state has a different passing score, so this completely depends on where you take the exam. For example, you must earn an 85 or higher in New York in order to pass. However, you must earn a 75 or higher in the state of New Jersey. You can find out more about state requirements by going to the NCBE’s website.

How do I study for the MPRE?

The best way to study for the exam is to sign up for a prep course that has a proven track record of helping students pass.

Pieper Bar Review offers a MPRE review course that is free and provides exceptional materials, such as outlines of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Responsibility and Model Rules of Judicial Conduct, and practice MPRE exams. Plus, you can study from virtually anywhere as the lectures can be viewed through Pieper’s iPass streaming videos. You can have your materials shipped to you as well, which makes it easy to take advantage of this incredible resource even if you aren’t a New Yorker.

For more than four decades, Pieper has been helping students pass the bar exam. They know exactly which concepts tend to show up on the exam the most and the proper process-of-elimination techniques to make taking the exam easier. Part of Pieper’s approach is to emphasize the importance of taking notes and the significance of mnemonic devices in order to help you remember key terms and topics.

You can register online for any Pieper review course, putting you on your way to preparing for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination sooner than you think!

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