The Pieper Difference: How We Compare to BarBri and Themis


Since its introduction in 2011 when it was used in only one state, the UBE has exploded onto the national scene. Now adopted by twenty states and the District of Columbia, the number of states adopting the UBE is only expected to climb as its adoption has been recommended by the ABA.

Smooth Transition For States

For many states, the decision to adopt the UBE is an easy one because the UBE is comprised of three uniform exams that have been part of nearly every jurisdiction’s bar exams for more than ten years. For example, when New York decided to adopt the UBE, its Board of Law Examiners was comfortable with the format since it had been incorporating the MBE (50% of an applicant’s score on the UBE) since 1982, and the MPT (20% of an applicant’s score on the UBE) since 2001. In fact, the MBE has been part of 49 states’ bar exams and the MPT is used in 38 states. And for most states, a switch to the UBE won’t blindside applicants with additional material to learn, in that every subject covered on the UBE was previously tested on bar exams like the former New York State Bar Exam.

Opportunity for States around the Country to Pass the UBE with the Experts at Pieper

Since its proposed adoption in New York in 2014, Pieper Bar Review has been teaching courses to students and working with New York area law schools to help them understand how to best prepare for the UBE, and this summer it will offer a full bar review course (more than 150 hours) to prepare students for everything they might face on the exam. Students from around the country should perk-up, because they now have an alternative in how to prepare for the bar exam.

Pieper Bar Review has been preparing students for the bar exam since 1975 and generations of lawyers have passed thanks to Pieper. Now, students from around the country can rely on Pieper’s commitment to teaching and tradition of excellence to guide them through the rigors of UBE exam preparation.

What Makes Pieper Different

Unlike the BarBris and Kaplans of the world, Pieper’s bar review course is focused on teaching the law as if students had never learned it, rather than just "reviewing" the law. Students who never took a course on trusts or UCC Article 9 in law school won’t get their first exposure to the material from a book or a fill-in-the-blank outline. They actually learn each subject in class.

On top of that, Pieper’s course is centered around taking notes. Students maintain their focus on the material and build a foundational understanding of the law by concentrating on what it said, processing it, and taking it down. Key points are repeated to ensure students don’t miss any of the essentials, and when students leave class they’re tired but they know what they covered. When they go back over their class notes the next day, the real retention starts.

Furthermore, Pieper’s team is smaller and more responsive than any of the test-prep giants could hope to be. When students have questions, it’s likely that they’ll receive a response directly from one of the instructors. It’s a more personal approach that makes all the difference when students are struggling to get through the most challenging exam of their lives.

“I have taken several other courses including BarBri with bad results. It was not so much the course as it was the way it’s delivered. The Piepers all give excellent examples and use hypos that bring home the lesson. All of the other courses had too many moving parts, not enough information, and no real examples of the application,” states Frankie J. Alvarez, a graduate of New York Law School.

Megan Mahoney, an Indiana University Maurer School of Law graduate, adds, “I think [Pieper’s] course has a huge advantage over BarBri for many many reasons, but especially because of the note-taking aspect. I’d find myself drifting off from boredom with BarBri’s fill-in-the-blanks.”

Worth the Effort

Pieper’s Bar Review Course for the UBE covers everything students need to pass the exam. It requires effort and commitment from its students, but those who can push themselves to complete the course schedule know that they’ve done everything that they can to best position themselves for success. Every lecture, assignment, and mnemonic device is given and taught for a reason: so students succeed.


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