The Pieper Method: How Pieper Prepares Students for the UBE

February 25 2016 Bar Review News By Pieper Bar Review
The Pieper Method: How Pieper Prepares Students for the UBE

Pieper Bar Review has been helping students pass the NY bar exam for more than four decades, and in light of the Empire State moving to the UBE, students from all over the United States will now have the chance to pass their bar exam with Pieper.


The Pieper Method: Pieper’s teaching methods are impeccable and first-rate. They make sure they each and every student is ready for the bar exam.

Informative, Interesting Lectures


When you sign up for Pieper’s UBE review course, you’ll be spending considerable time attending class lectures in person or online, in order to build and solidify your foundation in the law. In fact, more than 150 hours will be dedicated just to these informative sessions that delve deeply into the fundamental principles tested on the UBE, explaining basic principles in detail, continuously building upon them, and enabling students to master what they need.

Considering the broad scope of the exam, Pieper’s incredible instructors anticipate that many students may have limited expertise in different areas of the law. Therefore, even though you may not have gotten the chance to extensively study areas like UCC Article 9, family law, trusts, or conflict of laws, Pieper will make sure you become an expert by the time you sit for the exam.

Listen, Process, Write, Remember

There’s a reason that your classmate who had copies of “the best outlines” from students in the class before you did not receive the best grades. All of the information she needed was there, but she spent the bulk of her time in class on Facebook and did not understand the law well enough to succeed on her exams. How did you outperform her? Writing you own notes, focusing in class, reflecting on key concepts, and writing them out.

Those simple principles will help you retain the tremendous amount of information the bar examiners expect you to know on the exam. The time you spend in class needs to be time spent learning and moving toward a clearer understanding of the material. Filling in the spaces on an existing outline is not going to maintain you focus the same way, and when preparing for the bar exam, every second counts.

Writing your own notes allows you to absorb the information quicker as you have to concentrate more on what the instructor is saying. There is a connection between your brain and your hands that allows you to retain information easier and longer, fostering an understanding of what you’ve written far more effectively that just jotting down the occasional concept. And it keeps you focused on the material for the entire class.

Pieper emphasizes the importance of writing notes in every class and encourages students to follow this method if they want to retain the cases, laws, and procedures that will undoubtedly show up on the UBE.

Mnemonics Mastery

Have you ever wondered why you cannot seem to remember facts you’ve learned in school over the years, but you can still recall every word to some of your favorite childhood songs?

The answer is mnemonics.

Mnemonics help you remember information by using acronyms and other memory devices.

This is why you’ll learn countless mnemonics as a Pieper student. Pieper knows that mnemonic devices are the best way to keep track of all the laws and concepts that you must know not only for the bar exam, but for your entire legal career.

Skills Development

As they teach the law on each of the seven subjects tested on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), Pieper takes time out to allow you to read and answer questions on the concepts just reviewed, and then go over how to approach those questions together. They help reinforce your understanding of concepts by teaching you how they are tested, and how to focus on key details so that you can eliminate incorrect answer choices that may seem tantalizingly attractive under exam conditions. They provide you with their own simulated questions as well as every actual exam question and answer released by the bar examiners in the past 10 years, so you’ll be prepared for what they’ve already tested, as well as what they’re likely to present you with on your exam.

To prepare you for the written portions of the exam, Pieper offers essay writing and MPT workshops that helps you improve your writing skills so every explanation you give not only answers the question, but does so in a clear and concise way.

Pieper firmly believes that the more you write about a topic, the more you will absorb and comprehend the information. One of the most effective ways to determine if you understand something is to teach it to someone else. That is what you have to do as you write each essay for the bar exam. Beyond simply knowing the answer to the questions, you must be able to develop the issues presented and apply the details you’ve been given to support your conclusions. Pieper’s team of attorneys provide you feedback your essay and MPT assignments, so you’ll know from the start how to develop habits that will make the highest scores a reality.

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