Want to Know How to Pass the Bar Exam? The Secret is Pieper.


In order to pass the bar exam, you will need some guidance. Even if you’re a conscientious student who always studies ahead of time, the bar exam requires you to cover an incredible amount of information in a short time frame. Taking a bar review course is essential.

What skills do I need to pass the bar exam?

One of the most important skills that you need to perfect when you're studying for the bar exam is the ability to manage your time. A significant part of determining how to pass the bar exam is recognizing that it’s not just about comprehension—although in order to answer questions correctly, you’ll need to maximize your knowledge of the law—it’s also about being able to get through the entire exam with some time to organize your thoughts and reason critically on each question. No one wants to be that person who knew the answer to a question, but didn’t have enough time to finish or was reading so frantically that they misread the question.

Accordingly, you’ll need to develop your substantive knowledge of the law so that you can deliver it more quickly when you are tested, as well as your writing and multiple choice taking skills. As you practice writing, your ability to organize and write more efficiently will increase. You’ll see the quality of your answers improve while the time required to get your answers down decreases, leaving you more time to reason through the more difficult issues you encounter. Similarly, on the MBE, as you practice multiple choice questions, you’ll not only learn the parameters of how the substantive law is applied, you’ll also be become more deft at eliminating incorrect answer choices, so that you know which answer is correct when you’ve narrowed the choices down to two, and you can more through the questions more quickly. As you practice, you’ll improve your pace so that you have the chance to answer all two hundred questions on the exam without having to waste opportunities by guessing.

Practice is a key part of the equation. As you learn the substantive law you’ll need to simultaneously develop your writing and multiple choice skills. While you’ll always get a higher percentage of questions correct (and write better essays) if you study today and push questions off until tomorrow, you’ll have to start developing your skills early on. You shouldn’t expect that the skills will magically develop themselves in the days immediately before the exam, so make sure to start practicing early and often. If your writing and multiple choice skills develop as you are learning the law, you’ll be primed for success as you walk into the exam.

The Pieper Payoff

Pieper Bar Review is an invaluable resource that will play a pivotal role in your bar exam journey.

John Pieper first started Pieper Bar Review in 1975 and has shared his knowledge with sons Troy and Damian.


With 40-plus years’ experience, Pieper doesn’t just know what will appear on the exam, they understand all of the information inside and out, providing students with the necessary tools to develop their exam skills for what might be the toughest exam they will ever take.

Through Pieper’s comprehensive bar review course, you’ll learn effective study and writing methods, process-of-elimination practices, and the ability to make connections to laws, principles, and cases. With an emphasis on taking notes, time management skills, writing essays, and memory techniques, Pieper students will enter the exam with a better understanding of the law than they ever had before.

Pieper’s bar review course allows you to pinpoint what subjects you need to shift your focus to while you study for the bar exam and further enhance any other skills you may already feel comfortable with. You’ll participate in lectures (both in-person and online), receive useful review materials, and have experts there to guide you through every uncertainty and unanswered question.

Taking a bar review course with Pieper isn’t just about passing the exam, it’s about preparing for your life as a lawyer. You’ll take the lessons and techniques you learned with you as your career advances.

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