What to Look for in an MPRE Review Course

August 19 2016 Courses By Pieper Bar Review
What to Look for in an MPRE Review Course

Another day, another test. Becoming a lawyer not only requires a great deal of time, energy and money, but it also involves exams—a pile of themthat you have to take after you're done with law school. You must face the bar exam, state-required tests and, of course, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (or the MPRE).

Some people become so engulfed with their preparations for the bar exam that they forget to study for the MPRE, and, as a result, they may even fail. The goal of the MPRE, which is administered in every state except Maryland and Wisconsin, is to assess how well you comprehend the expectations that lawyers must meet.

Similar to your preparing for the bar exam, you should consider taking an MPRE review course in order to increase your chances of passing. Some classes are even free, which could help your bank account. But all these MPRE classes are not created equal, so make sure you know what to look for in an MPRE review course.

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A business that has years of experience helping people review for the MPRE is a good choice because the instructors know exactly what to expect on the exam. They have a clear understanding of what the National
Conference of Bar Examiners’ standards are because they’ve gone through the process many times. That gives them credibility that a newcomer to the course review field may lack.

Past Customer Experiences

Knowing how many years a company has been in business is important when choosing an MPRE review course, but you should also find out what its past customers thought of their experience there. This way you'll find out how comprehensive the course is, how dedicated and knowledgeable the instructors are, and how helpful the study techniques can be.

Learning what past customers thought of the review course involves searching for their testimonials. And don’t just look on the company’s official website. Check out review websites, such as Yelp, which let people share their thoughts about a particular business or organization. Facebook may also include some reviews as well. It's also a smart idea to ask what MPRE review course your law school professors and employers recommend.

Course Details

When reading an MPRE review course description, you'll want to know exactly what it entails. Every review course is going to claim that it’s the best, and that you'll certainly pass the MPRE if you take their offering. Instead, look for specific details, such as actual cost, required course materials, and what study strategies it teaches. Don't be afraid to delve deeper.

Want to learn more about the MPRE? Here’s what you need to know.

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